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 Arbutum: This Rich Custard Dessert flavor is rounded off with a Vibrant Strawberry Finish. (Strawberry Custard) 

Elisium: A refreshing Light Green Apple, White Tea and a Hint of Peach. 

Granatum: Creating an Impeccable Fruit mix is tough to accomplish. However this blend of Pomegranate and array of Fresh Berries hits the mark. 

Jento: A classic cereal that All Cookie Crooks Will Love. (Cookie Crisp Cereal) 

Persici: The finest Peaches get baked with a Homemade Taste. (Peach Cobbler) 

Saccharon: This Vanilla Creme classic is complimented with A layer of Caramelized Sugar. (Creme Brulee)

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