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J-Ho: J to the hizzo, dough to the nizzut. We promise you will not find a better lemon-filled donut vape. Oh and let’s not forget the sweet, sticky glaze to make it even more mouthwatering. Trust us. It’s amazing. Foshizzle.

 The Filth: So decadent and delicious, vaping it will make you feel dirty… filthy, even. The Filth starts with a creamy, rich vanilla ice cream milkshake, and blends in sweet, slightly tart, vibrant huckleberries, for a unique finish.

Triple G: Gooey, sweet, finger-twirling taffy goodness without the sticky mess so you can keep your fingers clean for throwing metal horns. Triple G is a juicy, watermelon and strawberry taffy candy e liquid that’s so accurate you can almost chew it.

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