Ice Cream Man E-Liquid

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15 & 30mL

Caramel Waffle Crunch: Get your hands on our crispy waffle cone filled with decadent vanilla ice cream, oozing with caramel swirls. We’ve dipped it in a sweet milk chocolate and rolled it in nuts to give you the extra crunch that you’ve loved growing up!

 Da Bomb Pop: It doesn’t get any better than tasting the unforgettable flavors of this colorful popsicle! Sit back and enjoy the refreshing flavors of cherry, lemon, and blue raspberry in our Da Bomb Pop e-juice!

Mint Choco Chip: Dig into our delicious take on mint chocolate chip ice cream! Fall in love with the creamy and minty flavors of this juice, complimented by the slight bitterness of dark chocolate chunks blasted within!

Freshberry Cream: Indulge yourself in the sensations of our slow-churned strawberry ice cream topped with fresh whipped cream. This flavor will melt in your mouth and reveal the fresh pieces of strawberry bits blended within.

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