Drip Fried 120ML

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Those are the best words to hear as an adult or even as a child. It doesn’t matter. As long as it is  snack time nothing else in the world matters at that particular moment of time. This is the type of experience that FRYD brings with their new flavor Drip Fried E Juice line.


1 Bottle of 120ml FRYD Deep Fried E liquid 


  • Deep Fried Ice Cream - A smooth dipped fried ice cream e juice flavor on the inhale than creamy notes of vanilla bean ice cream on the exhale.
  • Deep Fried Cream Cake - Bring the carnival to where you vape with this Drip Fried Cream Cake. Take a yellow sponge cake filled to the bring with vanilla frosting and fry it. The results are a lip licking deliciousness that you'll find very difficult to put down.

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